Configuration Directadmin

Configure Level 1

Install Directadmin
Update all required services and the core kernel of the server
operating system
Installing and Configuring Firewall Security on the Server
Install Security Mode Configuration
Configuring DNS/Namserver
Configuring Backups

Configure Level 2

All Level Configuration Options 1 +
Installing and configuring antivirus and anti-malware for file security
Installation and Configuration of Anti Dos
Installing and Configuring an Anti-Root Kit
Optimize and secure the web server service you require (apache - nginx - lighthttpd - litespeed)
Secure the tmp folder, which is one of the most important parts of the server's infiltration
Securing the ssh server
Securing the php server
Securing the dns server
Securing the ftp server
Deleting Services Not Using the Server

Configure Level 3

All Level Configuration Options 1 & 2 +
Immunization of sql server
Installing and configuring mysql monitoring software and running processes
Mysql optimization for more efficiency
Securing folders / tmp / var / tmp / dev / shm
Apply the settings required for the duplication
Prevent web server and php byte
Control of scripts perl, cgi, pyhton
Avoid web server and php byte
Install and configure the cache server for better performance and better server speeds
Securing PHP scripts to reduce access to dangerous loops
Set server clock and sink
Limit perl access - cgi - python for more security on the server
Optimizing php for better performance
Tune up the mysql service and web server to better speed and speed up response to requests
Disable hazardous functions on the server

  • Along with the suggestion below
  • 1 months free DirectAdmin Server Management (The value of this option is $ 35 for one month) VIP
Server Management(Directadmin) Monthly

Monthly management is a selective server for easy and powerful use of a server Easily manage your projects
1- What operating systems do we support?
CentOS - DirectAdmin / Red-Hat -DirectAdmin / CloudLinux
Manage your full technical and security server
Controlling Uptime and server loading
Confront cyber attacks
23 hour support at ticketing